The Lifehack series follows the rise of nanotechnology as a threat. The heroes of each book deal with the changing world, and their own personal concerns. Regan in Lifehack and Cassidy in Watching Yute both deal with their lesbian lovelife, and also need to face loss, in various ways. Sarah, in Echoes of Erebus has to come to terms with her very nature, and the AI ressuraction of her (recovering?) geoncidal father.

I strive to make all of my book readable seperaely, but of course, some themes and minor references are most appreciated with the full context of the world's events.


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Regan has her ups and downs.

- Dumping her girlfriend: Down.

- Moving in with her loving brother: Up.

- Waking up to a plague of undead: REALLY down.

After the undead began roaming the neighborhood, Regan lost track of her brother. She's spent the last two years searching for him. In the meantime, she's fallen in love, only to be told, "Sorry, I'm straight. And you're a lunatic."

There's a psycho out there somewhere who caused the outbreak, using nanotechnology, just for the fun of it, and Regan intends to hunt him down.

Oh, and the crush she still has on the straight gal? Dangerously distracting, when there's a zombie around every corner.

Watching Yute

Book two os the Lifehack Series

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Cassidy needed a fresh start, and the offer of a guard posting for a historic temple in the middle of the desert sounded like a good way to clear her head.

She didn't expect to find a new girlfriend- maybe even a soul mate.

She didn't expect to be in the crossfire of a terrorist, a cowardly scientist, and a fleet of microscopic invaders.

She didn't expect to lose.

In the years after Lifehack and the Erebus incident, the world settles into relative quiet under strict nanite bans, but underground activity keeps dangerous nano-tech alive and well.

Cassidy's Ladder

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This is a very short story that takes place a few years after Watching Yute. It contains no sci-fi elements, and is just an exploration into the continuing life of Watching Yute's hero, Cassidy. It has no impact on the larger events on the Lifehack series.

Loss. Recovery. Love.

Five years ago, Cassidy's fiancee Cheryl was killed.

With the murder resolved, Cheryl was still dead, and Cassdiy died a little with her. She had no interest in moving on. She knows without dear friends, she would be long dead... and she's not sure it wouldn't be the better option. And time went on...

Some loves are loyal. Some are patient. Some harbour passion.

Some loves can remind you who you really are.


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Sarah's got daddy issues.

He lives in her head, built her out of fish, and killed millions of people.

But he's really sorry. Honest.


Sarah gets by with her advanced abilities, and some good friends... who have no idea that she's the product of a genocidal killer, or that he lives on in her head.

At least it’s comforting to know that he didn't murder the fishes used to create her body.

Or the seagull.


At least she can trust that he's turned into a good… entity now. Right? She can trust him. Right?

Sarah hides her illegal nanite origins in an effort to build an ordinary life, but the legacy of dad's horrors makes it difficult. Especially when new but familiar zombie-like abominations begin to appear in the city.