A silly book of rushed doodles and commentary dealing with about half a year of hospital life, and coping with the food there.

Due to the nature of the manic doodling, this book is beter in print than kindle, but it's still available on kindle if you don't mind having to often zoom in on images.

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Joseph Picard's second book inspired by the packing slips on meals he received while hospitalized.

I TOLD you not to buy the last book. (the previous Grapes book, "The One Grapes" is half of "The Many Grape", so the former book has been discontinued)

You only had to wait two years for me to get tossed into the hospital again. Now it's more than twice as big...

...get your mind out of the gutter.

This book is 98% family-friendly. 95%. Find your firm sausage and tea-bagging jokes elsewhere, you depraved fiend.

The One Grapes was kind of short, as books go, and the whole thing is a part of this book. Then, a second, longer stay in the hospital spawned more inane doodles and ramblings to more than double the size. Join in as Joseph survives the slings and arrows of bland and boring, longing for such exotic things as salt.

Facing practically the same selection of foods as last time, Joseph was well prepared mentally for the onslaught, but didn't think to bring along a salt shaker from home. Or a bottle of hot sauce.

Or vodka. The nurses never came through with vodka, despite being asked multiple times a day for over three months.

And they call it a hospital.