The final tale of the Rubberman series is out! Hardcover, softcover, and kindle! 

*   *   * 

133 years. Time is up.

   Lead Engineer Tara and her partner Sasha face the coming end of the facility generator. For generations It has served thousands of people who have been hiding underground from the ravages of the war, and the lingering Enemy above.

   Up and down the Grand Elevator, though the entire facility, every resident's life will be shaken when the generator sparks its last amp.

   The Great Actual, the anarchistic Citizens, and all of the regressed sub-societies in between will have to face the unknowns of the surface.

   Old fears will pale against new circumstances beyond their imagination, and new attention brings judgment upon all...

I'm glad to say, Rubberman's Exodus managed to be everything I wanted. In late editing, I delevoped Multiple Sclerosis, (if you're keeping track, yes, that's on top of my 20-year-plus paraplegia) so I have serious doubts I'll ever write another novel, (edit- ha... it's coming. But slowwwwly.) but at least this happened after most of the work on Rubberman's Exodus was done.

I always say all my books are readable seperatly, but the journey of so many of these characters is pretty heartwarming... not to exclude new characters like Sasha, the 2nd Engineer under Tara.

You can get to know them a bit.. about 6 chapters worth, in the 'look inside' option on Amazon.