Book 2 of the Lifehack Series. (All my books are readable as stand-alones. Yute is THE SAD ONE, so be forewarned.)

Check out the second book in the Lifehack Series! 

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Cassidy needed a fresh start, and the offer of a guard posting for a historic temple in the middle of the desert sounded like a good way to clear her head.

She didn't expect to find a new girlfriend- maybe even a soul mate.

She didn't expect to be in the crossfire of a terrorist, a cowardly scientist, and a fleet of microscopic invaders.

She didn't expect to lose.

In the years after Lifehack and the Erebus incident, the world settles into relative quiet under strict nanite bans, but underground activity keeps dangerous nano-tech alive and well.

(Although Watching Yute is a complete tale within the Lifehack series, it chronologically takes place between Lifehack and Echoes of Erebus.)