Book 3 of the Lifehack Series. (All my books are readable as stand-alones.)

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Sarah's got daddy issues.

He lives in her head, built her out of fish, and killed millions of people.

But he's really sorry. Honest.

Sarah gets by with her advanced abilities, and some good friends... who have no idea that she's the product of a genocidal killer, or that he lives on in her head.

At least it’s comforting to know that he didn't murder the fishes used to create her body.

Or the seagull.

At least she can trust that he's turned into a good… entity now. Right? She can trust him. Right?

Sarah hides her illegal nanite origins in an effort to build an ordinary life, but the legacy of dad's horrors makes it difficult. Especially when new but familiar zombie-like abominations begin to appear in the city.

(Echoes of Erebus is a complete story unto itself, readers interested in its world may also wish to consider the two preceding books, Lifehack and Watching Yute.)