A short story additional epilogue to book 2 of the Lifehack Series, Watching Yute.

For those who long for a happier resolution to Watching Yute, Cassidy had to wait 5 years. (Both in the book's world and the real world!)

This short story (and even the rest of this page) is a massive spoiler for the novel Watching Yute. Watching Yute has science-fiction and action elements, though this story does not, and is readable without having read Watching Yute, though is means more it you've read Watching Yute.

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Loss. Recovery. Love.

Five years ago, Cassidy's fiancee Cheryl was killed.

With the murder resolved, Cheryl was still dead, and Cassdiy died a little with her. She had no interest in moving on. She knows without dear friends, she would be long dead... and she's not sure it wouldn't be the better option. And time went on...

Some loves are loyal. Some are patient. Some harbour passion.

Some loves can remind you who you really are.